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A Power Shelf in Every Room

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A Power Shelf in Every Room

How many times have you looked at any given space in your home or office and noticed cords lying around everywhere? How about cell phones, iPods, and handheld video game systems which need daily charging? When a disorganized and cluttered area is your problem, Power Shelf Outlet Covers are your solution! Not only will the cords be up off the floor, but the days of reaching behind tables, desks, and nightstands to move charger locations are a thing of the past. The Power Shelf can be used in every room and for every application.

First, let’s look at the average bedroom. Most people are using their cell phones as alarm clocks to wake themselves in the morning. For people who strictly use cell phones rather than also having a home-based land line, a cell phone is with them at all times. So, what’s the answer…moving the charger from room to room when it needs to be recharged? Of course not!

With the Power Shelf Outlet Covers, you can easily install the product model that best suits your needs so you can leave the charger available and within reach at all times. Even our children have cell phones and portable Mp3 players. They like to recharge them in the common living areas, which can make your family room look messy. With The Power Shelf Outlet Cover, they can keep their devices in their own rooms and you don’t have to worry about looking at them or tripping over the cords.

Next, how about the bathroom? If you have teenagers in the house, you know how hard it is to keep Dad’s electric shaver plugged in (and out of the sink) when they are constantly unplugging appliances to use their hair dryers and hair straightening or curling irons. No matter the outlet configuration, The Power Shelf has the right solution for every bathroom! If you have multiple outlet areas in the bathroom, why not get The Power Shelf for Mom and Dad’s outlet and another one for the kids?

The kitchen is another place where the electrical outlets get a lot of use. If you’re like most of us you have all the latest gadgets for making quick and easy preparation of food. Appliances such as food processors, mixers, toasters, and microwave ovens can take up all of your counter space and leave no room for a cordless phone or cell phone. With The Power Shelf, you can still plug in your appliances, but now you also have the added benefit of a shelf to lift your devices off the counter and out of your way! You can even get your favorite Candle Warmer or Tart Warmer off of the counter with our Candle Warmer Power Shelf.
No matter what room of your home or the type of device you have, The Power Shelf’s patented and sleek designs are just what you need! Whether you have a cell phone, cordless phone, Mp3 player, or small bathroom appliance, they can all be easy-to-reach and out of the way. The Power Shelf not only organizes your living space, it looks great and fits into every home design.