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How The Power Shelf Can Make Your Life Easier

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How The Power Shelf Can Make Your Life Easier

No matter what the device or room in your home, The Power Shelf Outlet Cover will fit your needs! With multiple configurations, designs, and colors you are sure to find the perfect match for your home or office. Our designs are so unique and innovative, that we have several patents pending for our product. The convenience of a shelf or hook attached to your outlets or switch plates means that cords and devices are neatly organized and easy to reach. Nothing exists in the market today that meets these needs!

What types of devices can be used in conjunction with The Power Shelf? Anything that plugs in! From cell phones, Mp3 players, and portable video game devices to bathroom and kitchen appliances, the Power Shelf stores it, organizes it, and looks great! The unique tapered shelf arm doubles as a cord wrapping organizer while the shelf itself makes finding your devices a snap. What we like best about The Power Shelf is that it’s so versatile. Some of our products have a shelf that is positioned below your outlet while some sit above the outlet. We have large, medium, and small-sized shelves for a variety of products to plug in to.

In the bedroom, a cell phone or alarm clock can now be easily nestled next to your bedside. How about the office? We have a shelf for your laptop too! It even comes with a convenient side compartment for your mouse and an attached lower shelf for other devices you may need to charge. The bathroom is another area where The Power Shelf Outlet Cover can make life easier. Electric shavers, hair styling appliances, and plug-in air fresheners can now be organized with the cords tucked away from water sources. Our handy shelf design not only keeps your appliances safe from water damage, but gives you added counter space!

If you are the handy type, you may have a garage or workshop where you work on a hobby or improvement projects around the home. With The Power Shelf, you can not only have the benefit of the shelf, we also have a product that comes with a bottom hook to store your extension cords when not in use. The days of spending time untangling extension cords are over! Keep Christmas lights neatly organized for next year so you can simply unwrap the light strand and hang them up to beautify your home for the holidays. Or, keep your cordless drills and tools stored on our shelf and in their chargers when not in use to make more workspace available to you.

So whether you have a workshop, need to keep your tools charged and reachable, or simply have a cell phone or other small device to keep charged and off the counter or floor, The Power Shelf is the solution! We have a design and color for every room and every type of small device. Keep your cords organized and your devices charged by using our product.