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Organize Electronics With The Power Shelf

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Organize Electronics With The Power Shelf

There is no better way to get and stay organized than with The Power Shelf Outlet Cover! Everyone has a multitude of electrical outlets in their home, but what function do they serve other than as plugs? Now, they can serve a greater purpose. The Power Shelf neatly wraps your cords up and stores your electrical devices so you have a living or working area with less clutter and more organization. With many different patent-pending designs to choose from, there are certainly several models to fit your needs.

The first design is our Original Power Shelf which utilizes a small shelf large enough to store a charging cell phone or other handheld device. The cord wraps smartly around the tapered shelf base to keep your cords away from feet while looking great. The shelf serves as handy storage for anything small to help keep devices off the floors, furniture, and counters. The overall result: a tidy home! The shelf comes in an above or below-the-outlets design to really streamline your space. Next is our Mega Power Shelf Outlet Cover which is identical to the Original Power Shelf but has a larger shelf for increased storage space.

Our unique Laptop Holder design is made for convenient storage of your laptop and includes a special compartment for your power pack and cord to keep it neatly tucked away. We also offer a Laptop Holder with a Mega Shelf so you can charge your laptop and small handheld devices in the same location. Whether for your home or office, the Laptop Holder is sure to please! Next is our Mega Shelf with Hook for paired storage such as: a purse, laptop bag or briefcase on the hook and a cell phone or a set of keys on the shelf; Internet or power cables on the hook and a wireless router on the shelf; or a set of keys on the hook and a cordless phone unit on the shelf.

In the garage or warehouse, our Power Hook and Power Combo fit the bill! You can easily store extension cords off the ground for a safer workplace and more-convenient access to an untangled cord. The added benefit of the Power Combo combines a sturdy hook with a shelf and extra outlet for easy charging of plug-in batteries or a charger base. In the bathroom, our innovative hairdryer and curling iron units store your styling appliances off the counter and keep the cords tucked away until ready to use. Our Original or Mega Power Shelf can be used in the bathroom for other devices such as electric shavers and hot oil/nightlight combo air fresheners. Even in the bedroom, Power Shelf has a product to meet your needs! Many parents love the Original and Mega Shelf for baby monitors, bottle warmers, and diaper wipe warmers. Alarm clocks and cell phones can be at arm’s length instead of sitting on a nightstand. We even have 360 outlets to keep your child’s fingers safe from electrocution. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to!